In this activity a group of students were given a cardboard tube 70mm diameter and approximately  two metres long. This long tube was to serve as the main pipe.  Each student was then  given an individual handout detailing a particular prism (branch pipe) to intersect the main pipe. Each student constructed the branch development on an A3 paper and after consultation with their teacher, the development was cut out of the paper, folded or rolled and finally attached to the main pipe. If the curve of intersection of the branch matched the contour of the main pipe, then the construction on paper was correct. If not , the student tried to trace the fault and correct it. 

Differently coloured papers help make the project more attractive and the work of the individual student more distinguishable.

                                                                                                                                                             The duration of this activity is normally one and a half hours.

Graphical Communication teachers are invited to send photographs of their students’ projects to to be included in this section.