Locus of mechanisms

Extract from Syllabus
Form 4 Section 1.3
“Loci of simple moving parts / mechanisms. Circular and reciprocating co-planar motion. Glissette, Cranks, Cycloids, Involutes, Archimedean Spiral and Helix.”
C:\Documents and Settings\schools_home\Desktop\Flash animations\loci1.swf
The following videos are intended to familiarize the students with simple moving mechanisms.


Cycloid Animation

Another Cycloid animation

The 2-D cycloid animation is attributed to Zorgit and the file is licensed under Creative Commons,

Cycloid construction demonstrated by Mr.James Cassar

Construction of a HELIX

Helix of a solid cross section

Archimedean Spiral

Crank Slider Mechanism

Conversion from rotary to reciprocating motion

Simple linkage system

Wooden air engine

Windscreen wiper mechanism

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