Meaningful “pictures are worth a 1,000 words”.

This website is meant to keep Graphical Communication teachers and students up to date with changes in syllabus, innovative learning activities, drawing standards and construction methods. The site is also intended to give an introduction to prospective students who are considering taking the subject as an option.

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Teachers and students are invited to contribute to this website especially in the Learning Activities section so that we can share our experiences and give more exposure to our activities. Written or / and illustrated contributions, comments and suggestions are welcome and are to be sent to the website coordinator on the following email address:

The videos below are recent contributions by Mr. Alfred Muscat and Mr. Anton Zahra, both Graphical Communications teachers. These videos are very professionally produced and are ideal as revision material. Their complete works can be accessed on the following sites:

Circuit diagram worksheets

handouts and worked examples to learn circuit diagrams

Circuit diagram worked examples and handouts.

Graphical Communication Component in the D&T Syllabus

These workbooks, which are intended to help students develop their drawing skills so that they can communicate graphically their design ideas, were designed by Mr Michael Mallia (E.O. Graphical Communication) in collaboration with Mr Keith Galea (E.O. D&T).  Copies of the workbooks can be downloaded by pressing on the text below.




Single-point perspective drawing

Worked examples of single-point perspective drawings

Single-point perspective drawing examples



Perspective Drawings

one and two-point perspective drawings

One / Two-point perspective drawing