Spatial Ability

In this activity the students are given a number of  red, blue and green  magnetic rhombii (having an acute angle of 60 degrees) which are placed next to each other on a magnetic whiteboard to form an isometric shape.

The laminated handout consists of a selection of coloured isometric drawings. The students choose one particular drawing and build it up by means of the coloured magnetic rhombii. This activity is ideal for Form 1 students who enjoy playing this game until all the drawings have been exhausted.   

These magnetic rhombii can also be used as a teaching aid by the teacher to explain  orthographic projection principles to Form 2 students.           

 The rhombii are made of three ply wood which were cut in the technology workshop, hot glued to a strong magnet and painted with acrylic paint.

Sometimes half a rhombus is required to close a drawing.

Graphical Communication teachers are invited to send photographs of their students’ projects to to be included in this section.